I’ve been carrying two iPhones for the last several weeks as I try out a few cell service providers (my current on, Airtel, has totally gone to shit in the last month, and they don’t seem to care).

Last night, I dropped one of them in a cab I was in, without realizing it. Several hours later, I realized I didn’t have both phones on me, so I panicked.

30 seconds later, I realized “oh wait! I’ve got Find my iPhone installed on it!”. So I logged in to Find my iPhone, saw that it was moving a lot, and figured it was in the cab. I then put my lost phone in Lost Mode (which allows me to set a number to call, so someone who comes across it can reach out to me if they want to), and played a sound on it. I then called it, which led to the cab driver picking it up and telling me he’d found my phone. Fortunately, this cab driver is someone my company has used several times before, so he was nice enough to return it to me today.

Now that I have my iPhone back, I can’t help but think that Find my iPhone just made an absolutely terrifying event relatively worry-free. So kudos, Find my iPhone team. That is the type of product I want to be building!

PSA: If you use an iOS device or a Mac, I’d strongly suggest turn on Find my iPhone or Find my Mac.

Gopal Sharma

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