I was in California recently for work, and at the end of it I decided to do a road trip through northern California.

Here’re some of the pictures I took on the trip.

It started in this car:

It was an absolute pleasure driving this it - highly recommend it.

I started from Cupertino, and started driving up the scenic Highway 1 over a few days. Here’re some pictures from along the way:

My first stop was in a little town called Fort Bragg. I was only here for a night’s rest before I got back on the road to another town further north called Eureka. Unlike the previous day, it was pretty foggy, especially right along the coast:

Eureka was a slightly larger town, and had this absolutely amazing coffee shop:

After two cups of coffee here, I got back on the road, this time to Clam Beach, which is just a few miles north of Eureka:

After a quick stop here, I started journeying inland, towards Mount Shasta, on Highway 299 through the Shasta Trinity National forest. This was a spectacular drive through some humungous trees and windy roads. I loved every minute of it.

I then spent a few days near Mount Shasta, walking and driving around:

I concluded my road trip by driving back down to San Francisco on I-5. In all, I drove a little over 1,150 miles in 5 days, and loved every minute of it. Best road trip yet!

Gopal Sharma

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